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Jewellery Paper Bag
The jewellery paper bags that you use must be as exclusive as your Jewellery. Bags play an essential role in advertisement; therefore, jewellers must pay attention while selecting the bag and print.
Promotional Paper Bag
Promotional Paper Bags are the highly biodegradable bags, which can bear more pressure than plastic bags. These economical storing solutions are provided with high tearing strength & moisture proof construction.
Wedding Gift Bags
Our Gift Bags are proffered with highly strong construction. These are appreciable for their appealing finish and high load carrying capacity. Users can carry jewelry, gadgets and other essential items in them.
Paper Bags
Paper Bags are the highly biodegradable bags, which can bear more pressure than plastic bags.  These economical storing solutions are provided with high tearing strength & moisture proof construction.
Small rings made of metal or plastic called eyelets are used to strengthen holes in materials like paper or fabric. They are frequently used for lacing, threading, or fastening cords and strings because they stop fraying and tearing. They improve the beauty and durability of many different uses, including apparel, crafts, and banners.
Satin Ribbon
A opulent and glossy fabric strip known as satin ribbon is used in crafts, gift-giving, and clothing. It is ideal for adding exquisite touches to apparel, accessories, and home decor because it is available in a variety of colours, widths, and patterns.
Tipping Rope Handles
Tipping rope handles are robust and adaptable handles that are frequently used in totes and bags. They are made of rope with metal or plastic points on each end, strengthening the rope and making it simpler to tie to the bag's body. Because of their popularity and durability, these handles are excellent for handling larger objects. Tipping rope handles come in a variety of colours and sizes, are practical, and have a pleasing appearance, making them a popular option for fashion and craft projects.
T-End Autolock Standard Rope Handles
Standard rope handles with T-end autolocks are dependable and secure carrying options frequently used for bags and baggage. They have a rope handle with T-shaped ends and an autolocking mechanism that makes sure the handle stays firmly attached to the bag. The T-end design makes it simple to attach the bag to the body or other hardware. These handles are versatile for a range of bag sizes and styles because they are available in different lengths and materials. T-end autolock standard rope handles are crucial parts for boosting functionality and beauty in bags and luggage items because of their usefulness and convenience.
Zip Puller
A little object attached to a zipper's slider called a zip puller or zipper pull makes it easier to grasp and manipulate the zipper. It frequently has a tab or handle that facilitates zipping up and down more practical. Zip pullers improve the use and performance of zippers in clothing, bags, and other items.
Heat Shrink Tube
A thermoplastic tube that shrinks in size when heated up is known as a heat shrink tube. It frequently serves as electrical insulation and cable and wire protection. Intensely conforming to the thing it surrounds as it contracts, it offers superior sealing against moisture and other pollutants. For wire splicing, bundling, and repair purposes, heat shrink tubes are frequently used in the electronics, automotive, and aerospace sectors.
Reflective tape
In your statement, you might be using the term "Reflective Tape" rather than "Reflective Tube." Visibility is improved in low light thanks to reflective tape, an adhesive tape with retroreflective qualities that bounce light back to its source. It is frequently applied for safety reasons in traffic management, road construction, and on personal protection equipment. When it's dark out or there is poor visibility, reflective tape increases visibility and lowers the possibility of accidents.

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