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Twisted Paper Rope.
Get in touch with us to buy twisted paper rope made using brown, white and black kraft paper. When twisted, the paper dori becomes strong, which is essential to carry low to medium material load.
Twisted Paper Rope With T-End
If you care about your planet, then start using paper bags. Tipped rope handles are the best type of handle used for paper bags. Our company supplies Twisted Paper Rope With T-End to paper bag manufacturers in Indian and overseas markets.
Premium Paper Bags.
Provided high-quality Premium Paper Bags are utilized for storing and distributing apparel and many other multipurpose things. These are popular as a marketing tool, accessible with laminated films.
Jewellery Paper Bag
The jewellery paper bags that you use must be as exclusive as your Jewellery. Bags play an essential role in advertisement; therefore, jewellers must pay attention while selecting the bag and print.
Paper Bags
Paper Bags are the highly biodegradable bags, which can bear more pressure than plastic bags.  These economical storing solutions are provided with high tearing strength & moisture proof construction.
Plastic & Metal Aglets
Get in touch with us to buy plastic & metal aglets for shoelaces, paper bag ropes and garment cords. Go through out vast range to find perfect aglets for your products.
Jewellery Box
Jewellery Boxes we provide are accessible in beautiful designs. These exhibit the jewels in an catchy and innovative way. Also, these will allow the users to safeguard the precious accessories.

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